Karen’s Tarot Diaries 13/06/17

From 3 years ago today… An unexpected jaunt to Bristol today to read tarot at a staff awards evening. Little bit puzzled as to why none of the staff could shuffle cards… only to find out that they have machines to do these things now… Though instantly bonded and made a friend for life with […]

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In the process of breaking in the Discarded Oracle, I’ve been road testing ImaginAction. The spreads are not new to me, they’ve been around since 2012. I’ve tried several in the past but now they are handily neatly repackaged all in one place. A pdf beautiful banquet of 78 Art-Inspired Divination Spreads, alongside a nifty […]

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Knowing the Type

I’m the first to admit that I’m my own worst enemy and certainly over the last couple of days I’ve been kicking myself, thinking I’ve set myself a bigger challenge that I can meet… In one of my ‘Oh, I’ve got a good idea’ moments, I decided to write a poem for each card in […]

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Content and Contentment

I remember when shower thoughts used to be deep and profound. That is one of the things I dislike about my forties. At some level, I have traded deep thoughts and pondering the universe with things like the best way to budget a purchase or what my next responsible step is towards achieving a goal. […]

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Note to Self

Last year, I was asked a question – As a child, what was peculiar to me? I thought about this at great length as there were a whole list of things but I felt that they were more a product of being born and raised in a time where you didn’t have much option other […]

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Fostering Impostoring

Sometimes, I like to get a reading… there’s various reasons why, that I’m not going into here except to say that oftentimes the real reading occurs after the ‘reading’ ends… The insights that unfurl in the Après Lounge of follow up email conversations… Over the weekend, I found myself trading confessions with a Virgo sister…We’ve […]

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Memory Paused

Today, photos and memories appear and remind me that this time last year, I was by the sea… It never ceases to amaze me that I set down roots at the point that is furthest inland… furthest from the crash of waves, from the crunch of shells beneath feet, from the crisp air that zings […]

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Imaginary Friends

I’m not sure how the conversation started this morning, but somehow or another I fell into free falling free associating and swapping stories with one of my ladies about crazy people we’d had as mutual acquaintances almost 25 years ago. We laughed ourselves giddy. The other passengers were quiet and I wondered if our noise […]

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