Imaginary Friends

Don’t Hurtle Turtle

I’m not sure how the conversation started this morning, but somehow or another I fell into free falling free associating and swapping stories with one of my ladies about crazy people we’d had as mutual acquaintances almost 25 years ago. We laughed ourselves giddy. The other passengers were quiet and I wondered if our noise was too much for a Sunday morning… Sundays are usually more mellow with easy listening radio… Yeah, maybe a little too much noise when people would possibly prefer to be still under their duvets…

A question from the back – Hey Karen? Do you know anyone who is normal?

Working for this company? With you guys? Take a guess!

There’s bursts of laughter. Ah OK! It’s not too early…

No, I’m not sure I do know anyone normal…

My reminiscing buddy guffawed – Hell! Why would you want to?!

Another person asked – Do normal people actually exist?

Well… I’m not sure… I mean, every so often I meet the odd one who professes to be normal but they usually turn out to be the oddest of all…

I pondered off and on… And on and off again…

A week and a day ago, I met a new friend. He came swimming back to mind. I met him in my mindscape. His name? Don’t Hurtle Turtle. He’s supposed to be on staff as my writing buddy… I’ve checked in with him everyday and more often than not, he encourages me to take a nap…

Throughout the week, I’ve gotten very little done… Or so I thought until I skimmed through the pile of paper that’s appeared on my desk that refuses to stay clear… My handwriting scribbled in green ink… Not quite as illegible as usual… I can make out the words… Words scrawled as I’ve drifted in and out of naps at my desk… Notes for one of the cards from the D. O. Hmmm… Interesting… This goes deeper than I thought… I didn’t realise I had so much to write about this…

DHT tells me he may be slow but he’s productive AF. I decide not to fire him. I decide maybe I should bring him out of my head and into image and pixels… I waste 3? 4? hours and the image pings as being how I’d first seen him in mindscape… Though when I look more closely, something new has appeared. He’s heading towards a diamond shape… DHT doesn’t jump through hoops to get things done… He heads towards ING the seed… The place of fertile ground… Oh! How very turtle! And how did I manage to overlook that for over a week?

I asked DHT what he thought. I should have been more specific, he asked me if I was too old to be talking to imaginary friends… I told him not to be so salty…

5 thoughts on “Imaginary Friends

  1. Love love love it! Don’t Hurtle Turtle.

    As it’s said, never complain about snails’ or turtles’ progress.If someone is making progress, no matter how slowly, they are. Heck, look at the Tortoise and the Hare. The Goethe Tortoise, never hurry, never rest. The Super Manic Hare all over here and there and everywhere mostly off trail and… We HAVE a WINNER… as the Tortoise ambles right across the finish line… as the Hare turns and looks and OH DAFUQ, I forgot about all that with all this experience I was getting.

    The Hare didn’t really get ANY experience just all over the know-it-all boring person checkin’ shit off the tourist list. Whereas the Tortoise? The Tortoise immersed in every moment of every experience where his immersion was continual ablution. Checkin’ shit is chicken-shit. Immersion and focus and def not being normal is bold and courageous and vulnerable. Who was it? Brene Brown? Yes, Brene Brown. “Vulnerability is the birthplace of courage.” To which I say, “Strong enough to be able to be comfortably gentle. The tiger doesn’t flinch.”

    Here’s to the clarity of vision and productive as fuq Don’t Hurtle Turtle!

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