Timing is Everything 

Artistically, this image from the D.O. is not my favourite, but looks aren’t everything and this card earned it’s place in other ways.

This strange image came after a journey with C and a conversation piecing together the visions we had seen. Four maidens sat in a behind the scenes room, around a table like four points on a compass. They were wise keepers of life’s secrets but in order for their words to be accepted into the world, they had to hand them over to the Hierophant, as from his mouth those words would be accepted without question…

This collective womanly wisdom disguised itself as an egg. Upon the egg, the rune Fehu…

The Heirophant’s hands releasing the egg… The table turned into spinning wheel… A spinning wheel of fate, deterministic through initiation… A first motion unfurling into and out through a sequence…The end already held in the very beginning.

I sent the image to C and she found it strangely similar to the dream she’d had the previous night… Mr S arrived home from work that day telling me he’d found a very strange object. That he’d held it in his hand and was told that it belonged to me and that if he brought it home today, it would hold great significance for me. He handed over the marble egg in the photo as I was sat storing my Hierophant’s hands image to file…

At the time, my knowledge of runes was at best rudimentary and I knew that Fehu meant cattle and pondered on why that was relevant. Further along, I now know that Fehu represents your personal power and also ‘luck’. Luck in a Norse sense is an inherent energy in your ‘hamingja’. Hamingja is a concept I’m still exploring…

But, my LWB description of this card would maybe be something along the lines of :

Destiny arrives when you release your inherent power out onto the cosmic roulette wheel of life, thrusting the odds into your favour.

I dunno? I’m still working on it…

4 thoughts on “Timing is Everything 

  1. “ Destiny arrives when you release your inherent power out onto the cosmic roulette wheel of life, thrusting the odds into your favour.” Yes! Great captioning for your LWB.

    Immersing into it, this image with a strangely raw and somehow harshly lush quality, I saw this Black Hole space tornado of one of the Crossing’s legs in and out to a Great Squid at the same time Great Jellyfish being in a constant connection of creation and destruction that is the Soul Gardening in The Place of Creation. Jellyfish being actually relatively immortal to me alludes to that Hierophantic permanency of the solid foundation of experiential wisdom. And, the egg, especially of marble. Like the oak seed, it has a whole being of potentiality inside its seed, and in this image, it’s snake-tooth squid beak pierces that egg to bring life further into being. And, I say, especially marble. It’s compressed calcium carbonate, don’t do Easter eggs with vinegar on it or it will etch/abrade the surface, or worse — uh hem… OFL, Opportunity For Learning as after a particular year back in 1998 or so, I never colored Easter eggs on my marble table again.

    Though, calcium carbonate, marble. It’s a sourcing of a strata embodied with the ancient life that went into its making, to nestle for almost eternity until harvested in the quarry. Or, in this case Mr S’s serendipitous listening that it belonged to you. Great pairing! Both you and Mr S and this D.O. image with the marble egg.

    So, yes! “ Destiny arrives when you release your inherent power out onto the cosmic roulette wheel of life, thrusting the odds into your favour.” Very much yes.

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    1. Oh Jordan! Love your Squillyfish mind movie epic! Also laughing at your destroyed table as I recall setting fire to my carpet in a craft misadventure.
      Thanks for reactivating my Geology memories. I’d not much thought on that as I handle the egg often but lose myself in the feel of it and in turning it to catch the light so it reveals the elongated 0 that has been carved into it. Mr S tells me that it’s a probably a stone masons’s practise piece. Apprentices shape such things and then practise their lettering… I just smile and think ouroborus egg… Mr S is indeed a good match. He’s a solid V birthcard identity.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😊

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