The Web Never Forgets…

I’m ambivalent about fb memories… Sometimes they pop up and I have no recall of what they refer to, sometimes they bring smiles and then days like today bring posts that make me ask myself – Wtf were you thinking? The post that came up places me at an event several years ago… From the […]

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Waxtober 31

The last day of October and the end of waxtober feels to have arrived very quickly. When I started, I had no idea of what I would write about or indeed if I’d complete my self set task. Today’s waxing seems to punctuate the end of road, the pinks and greens declaring it to have […]

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On the cards

As someone who drives for a living, I must confess that the onset of lockdown filled me with glee. My initial thoughts were of working early Christmas mornings… The best time to be on the road… Not a soul around… No school run traffic, no commuters… This was going to be Christmas but with better […]

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Discarded Oracle

And so I come to the final card in the D.O. Yesterday, I looked at the image and took in the shadows of the Norns looking over the newborn baby… I thought about how this card was a very obvious extension of ‘What’s In A Web…’ The image where the 3 Norns stand looking at […]

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Timing is Everything 

Artistically, this image from the D.O. is not my favourite, but looks aren’t everything and this card earned it’s place in other ways. This strange image came after a journey with C and a conversation piecing together the visions we had seen. Four maidens sat in a behind the scenes room, around a table like […]

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Les Jeux Sont Faits…

PREVIOUS|MASTER  LIST|NEXT This hop was set by Alison Cross… Here’s a list of the Majors, she said…Pick a card… But, before you jump in and pick your favourite card… you might want to set yourself a bit of a challenge. So… I thought about it and I don’t really have a favourite card and I […]

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