One Step Closer…

9 thoughts on “One Step Closer…

  1. Karen, I LOVE the presentation of the Discarded Oracle as multi-dimensional facet-worlds all of the same monolith. This presentation feels like a magnetic and dense singularity that serves to reverently respect the power and intensity and care and gesture present in D.O., and amplify it. It felt like I was slowly having dice rolled for me, though I only needed to ride along with this one in the shade of two stacked like magnets transformed into this living monolith of a Universe creator.

    It’s like a crystal formation, the elongated cube… maybe this even spins in its orbit within the Cube Of Space giving it even more life. Or, maybe this living monolith is a Tree of Life seed. Or, maybe more likely it’s THE DISCARDED ORACLE, found! This is really moving. So simple, and so moving.

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      1. Oh, I don’t think that people are taught not to procrastinate so they they in the numbed trauma of always subjecting themselves to stress. When, things get done, though nothing’s ever complete. Procrastination being negative is another crowd-control tool on one hand, and positive on the other hand to get people to not melt into the couch thinking things will happen when they don’t make them happen.

        I like that you dial into your rhythms. That is to me the real lesson of procrastination or no: timing, learning through conscientious and pro-active working our own timing. And, you have that in spades. Moira shines from your inner rhythms fueling how you… poke along, and then get speeding tickets. VROOM, YEE HA that was worth the price of the ticket. 🙂

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  2. Jordan, you have such a cool way of seeing and describing things! Thanks!
    I didn’t really think through the presentation, just sat in the chair intending to write them getting sidetracked and drifting into trance until oh what’s this? … This pleases my eye and feels kinda yup! You can stay 😊


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