Meet the Sizzling Alison Bacon

I meet many people on my travels who interest me in many ways… and every so often, someone will capture my eye and imagination and ignite in me the urge to hit the sketch pad… and that is how I met Alison Bacon…

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We were both doing workshops at a charity event and I was fortunate enough to be able to see Alison dance and for a short while I was transported from a rather dull and as I recall slightly too hot church hall, to a place filled with music and magic and charm… swirls of colour and effortless grace… fluid, poetic movement that comes from the muscle memory of a lifetime of dance.

And in fact, I was so taken with the lithe of limb and blithe of spirit Mrs Bacon, that  a few weeks later, I found myself heading to one of her adult ballet classes… I was a bit apprehensive, as 10 years or so ago, I had half considered trying a ballet class but had convinced myself that I was way too old! But Alison’s passion for dance is infectious and she packs a philosophy that you are never too young nor never too old to enjoy dance.

So… I’m very glad to say I went along to class and had a grand old time 🙂 and wasn’t until the next morning when I woke up, that I realised I’d also accidentally had quite a serious work out!

Alison’s classes are fun and lively and I’ve met a few new friends there and for an hour or so we all delight in believing we are the most wondrous dancers in the cosmos…well…. everyone needs an escape from reality every now and then 😀

Go check out abDance – there’s  a whole range of classes and workshops in ballet, tap, theatre craft, freestyle and dance exercise both for adults and children. She’s a multi-talented lady!

There’s something there for anyone who is looking for a more interesting way of keeping fit.

And I have to get this out of my system, as it causes me much mirth… But I recently found out that Alison is a vegan… and I found much hilarity in that my vegan friend had landed up being called Bacon 😀

But then I also found out… this is a serious issue… poor Alison is subjected to a terrible plight!

So… if you should happen to be reading this, and you should also happen to work in a restaurant… should you get a telephone call from a lovely lass with a Liverpool accent and she inquires about vegan ingredients… Please do NOT hang up when she gives her name… It is not… I repeat NOT a prank call! It is indeed…

Alison Bacon!

Jazz Hands!
Jazz Hands!

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