Pause & Ponder…Tarot Charms & Resonant Rocks…


I’ve always been quite smitten with synchronicity, serendipity, coincidence, happy accidents, random happenings… call it what you will 😀

So… I decided to play a little with it…

I took a few of my toys and made a little game…

I call it Pause and Ponder…

You can play it if you like…


So… First we pause…

Let the images below roll through… and if one should take your eye… then pause…

Are you ready?



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So… Did anything catch your eye?

If so… then note the number and read below…

There you have points to ponder…

Oh… and for any Tarot heads out there… Feel free to pull a card for each question…

Whatever floats your boat 😀

1. Tiger’s Eye

  • In what circumstances is it best to keep your distance?
  • How can you maintain a gentle but firm approach in relationships?
  • When faced with upheaval or sudden challenges, how do you focus on steering towards your dreams and aspirations?

2. Snowflake Obsidian

  • How do you communicate effectively, with and without words?
  • How can you focus inwardly to release pent-up feelings and allow your emotions to blossom?
  • What changes do you need to make, to allow something new into your life?

3. Unakite

  • How do you develop your spirituality without losing touch with reality?
  • What does complete freedom feel like?
  • What are your most cherished hopes and desires… How can you obtain them?

4. Clear Quartz

  • How do you recognise when your physical, mental and emotional states are in balance?
  • In what ways can you expand your horizons?
  • How does being receptive and resourceful allow you to put innovative ideas into practice?

5. Rose Quartz

  • In what group situations do you experience acceptance?
  • How do you interact with family to achieve the goals you have set for yourself?
  • What support is available to you, that may not always be immediately obvious?

6. Citrine

  • How does pleasure have a profound effect on the way you express your dreams and desires?
  • When you take time to reflect deeply… how likely are you to change the decisions that you make?
  • When the writing is on the wall… how do you find a favourable way forwards?


Did you give it a go?

Let me know…


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