The Quadrille Dance of the Gene Genie


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So… Maureen Aisling Duffy-Bose set the Beltane Blog Hop and asked us to discuss ‘The Union of Opposites’

Now that’s always seemed an over simplification to me… for sake of convenience (ok… I’ll admit it… I am inherently lazy…) I’ll take the yin/yang as an obvious example… Really is black the opposite to white? And look oh… each contains a bit of the other… and … Oh… I’m sure you’ve heard this all before in various permutations and combinations…

btbh yin yang

So… I’ll take a variation on a theme… and do a little Maypole dance… and now I’ll take a twist… a double α-helix twist…

And instead of opposites… I’ll play with complementary pairs… in fact pairs of complementary pairs…

btbh rhythm of life

The whole of life revolves around these 4 bases… (if you want to fill your plate at the Science buffet… CLICK HERE…)

I’ll swiftly move on to my Splice of Life reading…

I took my deck and shuffled and broke it into half… Then looked at the top and bottom card from each ‘base pair’ to find my basic elements or what’s cooking in my genes…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So… my four bases came up as 7 of Swords, 3 of Wands, Lovers and Queen of Pentacles… but rather than read them individually I read then as one twisting thread…

My work has been on my mind very much of late and when I see these cards as a whole, I do see some things that feel to be flip sides of coins… In brief… I like to very much work on my own but I also very much like to work closely with people whose work I love… Then there’s my habit of constantly throwing out ideas to see where they go and never knowing which ones are sticks and which ones are boomerangs… But the 7 of Swords catches my eye… There’s those 6 swords neatly arranged, but where’s the 7th? Well… it’s there… it’s big and bold and THERE! and that makes me laugh because so often, I am very aware of how all the different things I do roll together and work around each other… but very often… I have no idea, what it is that I actually do…

For example… a couple of years ago during a conversation, someone said to me something along the lines of – well with you being a visual thinker…

I thought WTF is this nut job on about?

It genuinely had never occurred to me that I was… yet once I’d had it pointed out… LOL!!! There were signs EVERYWHERE!!! How they hell did I miss that? Just look that 7th Sword… so big and bleedin’ obvious… yet completely overlooked…

So… I looked back at my Splice of Life cards and I thought… yeah… you are just born with some things… How ever sometimes your environment kicks in to facilitate some changes… So I decided to go for a mutation formation…

How should I handle that 7th Sword?

So… I skimmed off the 3 of Wands that sat on top… And underneath sat the King of Swords…

He said – Karen… when you’re throwing around your ideas and someone speaks up and tells you what they assume you already know… because to them, it is so bleedin’ obvious… Pick up that idea and polish it… Grab hold of that big 7th Sword with both hands and wave it high above your head… feel the weight, feel how it moves and look how it shines as it catches the light. Take a good look at it and remember it is yours to wield.

So, whilst I’m twirling my sword… you may care to hop on over to the next blog …

The Celtic Lenormand Oracle

Enjoy some Mayday mayhem! 😀


Cards from Tarot in the Land of Mystereum by Jordan Hoggard (c) 2010

8 thoughts on “The Quadrille Dance of the Gene Genie

  1. As usual, random…and yet not. Excellent 7 of Swords insights (I always think of this one as the “it’s complicated” card), BTW. I just love following the spontaneous connections….:)


    1. Thanks Joanne 🙂 yes, I do think that 7 of S is one of the trickier cards and often causes a pause in the flow of things to think – ok… Why are you here? What are you upto? And also often people you read for who know a little tarot will gasp and automatically assume it’s a bad card…
      I love your comment – random… and yet not 🙂 I did end up wondering whether or not I actually answered the question… But hey ho! I guess that’s what you get for playing with 7 of S 😀


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