I wonder why I waited for so long…

Maybe 8 or 9 years ago, I heard a phrase that caught my attention… encaustic wax…

I overheard it in a room full of people and I meant to go find out more… I never did look it up and never really thought much more about it until fairly recently I was asked what I would like as a gift… Out of my mouth popped those two words again… encaustic wax… they’d been sat there like a post-it-note logged somewhere in the back of my brain…

So my gift arrived and here are few paintings that I have made…

4 thoughts on “I wonder why I waited for so long…

    1. Thanks Joanne! 🙂 The 14 day challenge was interesting. I think maybe the timing of it, with it spanning from the old year into the new year was quite useful in clearing some old thoughts and making room for some new ones. Lol a feng shui of the mind! I’ve decided to get more focused with my art and I’ve got a few ideas to work with for this year… 😉


      1. You definitely need to run with the ‘feng shui of the mind’ thing. Consider that a writing prompt, as in, what would that look like, feel like, sound like, even smell like…:)


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