Colour Magic

It seems like forever since I last wrote on here… but then my tendency is to become quite reclusive at this time of year. I miss the Sun yet at the same time enjoy the gloom… I often set myself projects to navigate my way through the Winter months as my body clock whispers ‘hibernate’ over and over to me… or decides to taken a sudden unscheduled nap filled with vivid dreams that suddenly awaken me and leave me wondering where I am and then checking the time online to see what day it is. Is it am? Is it pm? I don’t know!! It never seems to get light! Mr S finds it hilarious to wake me around 6pm and then trick me into thinking I’ve lost a day by telling me he’s off to work…

So over the last two weeks it’s been quite nice to have my time conducted by emails landing like the beat of a metronome marking out my circadian rhythm…

I signed up with Bernard Charles, The Color Mage, for 14 days of color magic

It’s been an interesting process… personally I aimed to sit at the same time each day to draw and for the most part that went to plan. I thought it would be amusing to add some colour to the grey days… Turns out that I got a lot more out of this exercise than I’d imagined. Working each day with a colour and a keyword as a thought prompt, played with my brain in interesting ways… resolving old problems, resurrecting half-forgotten ideas, recalling dreams, throwing up some new ideas, giving me glimpses into many things…

The challenge says 14 days but you can take it at your own pace… give it a whirl! It’s FREE!!

Here’s the images I ended up with…

CLICK HERE to sign up for free!


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