Wasting Time

Often of an evening, I pick up people that I’ve dropped off in the morning and they ask me – Karen, what sort have day have you had? I invariably reply that it’s either been good or great, which then leads to the further question of – Oh, so what did you do?

Now some days, I might rattle off a list but then other days (which seem to be increasingly common of late) I grin and say – You know, I have no fucking clue! I know I’ve done something but I’m hard-pressed to tell you what it is, other than I enjoyed it… Today is one of those days… I sat down intending to do one thing. The mutinous laptop was having none of it… It took on a life of its own, now and then faking its own death…

My mind drifted away from task and started mulling over possible pen names. Last night I’d found one. It amused me. This morning, it felt almost right rather than just write with it… Waiting for my tech to stop glitching, I remembered a name I’d seen this morning, similar to yesterday’s name but a slightly better fit. Surname decided but what about the rest of it? I somehow lost an hour or two until 12.26 when A-ha! Found it! Though then of course, that slid into wondering hmmm… Have I found it? I wonder what the numerology is…. Hmmm pretty good… that seems to work…. Hmmm… I wonder what the astro is… And another couple of hours slipped by and I found myself with a page full of scribbles and words about something else… Oh, no… it’s ok… I’ve not forgotten the name, well I have, but it doesn’t matter since I’ve written it down to one side and oh even practised my new signature a few times. Hmmm… there’s something midly irritating about my imaginary persona having bettter handwriting than I do… I decide the name is a keeper and my laptop decided it’s going to stop being an arse and become compliant again… Though of course, by this time, it’s too late to start the orignal task I set out to do as now I don’t have time today to do it justice and it’s something that needs to flow in one go…

I decide that I’ll do it tomorrow, which may well mean that I do end up doing it last thing today… That’s not impossible… it’s mostly done in my head and waiting to go. I absent-mindedly pick up my new webcam, which played pranks yesterday and I wonder if it’s behaving today… I glance at my screen and I’m probably more amused than I should be, to find that I’ve inadvertently bounced the White Rabbit into infinity…

So… basically, this is why when people ask me what I’ve done all day, I don’t have a good answer… Other than something, I’ve done something…

Oh! Wait! No actually, I did loads of things! I’ve just remembered that I’ve stocked up on art supplies for the ORRO but that’s another story! (and another pen name :D).

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