Waxtober 8

When I looked at today’s waxing, my first thought was – birth of a star. That came to mind in the split second before I looked at the shape on the left and felt like I was stood behind somebody watching this epic event… I remembered a time a few years ago when I was […]

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Ship Out of Harbour

Moving through the D. O. I’m down to, every croupier’s favourite words, “The last 3”. This card has always jarred me… The D. O. is in my eyes, artistically speaking, a pick ‘n’ mix of misfits that somehow seem to rub along and happily live together… Except for this one. Somehow the colours clash… There’s […]

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Carpe Memento Mori

I previously mentioned the shelved image that stepped aside to let the Architect’s Hand slide into being… Working titles of dancers? Death dancers? (Though now officially named as per this blog post title). As I pulled this image out for the day, I smiled as I thought that it was number 13 to be written […]

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Unfinished business…

Today, Lyn Thurman posed an interesting question… Death, or at least little deaths, happen continuously.  The world is in a constant state of movement, going from beginnings to endings in the cycle of life. Write about unfinished business you have.  Is it time you buried it or resurrected it?   See… that’s interesting for me […]

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When Death does mean Death in Tarot…

It’s fairly common these days to hear phrases along the lines of… Oh! Death… No… Death doesn’t mean Death… It means transformation… And whilst it’s true that it often does mean transformation… or transition… or renewal… or ha! my personal favourite… petite mort! The fact remains that sometimes Death does indeed mean Death… Though not […]

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Death Takes a Holiday…

So… I got a phone call a few weeks back from someone looking for a reader to entertain guests at a big party and after a couple of calls and some lengthy conversations and questions, I was told – Yes, we’d like to book you, but can you just have a word with my partner […]

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Tarot say Death

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve sat down with a nervous client for their first Tarot reading and they’ve gone to me: Don’t give me the Death card… but it doesn’t mean death… or does it…? And I am generally of a pig ignorant disposition, so I always find that hilariously […]

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