30 Day Divination Picture Challenge… Day 13


I love Death… Death makes me chortle… it makes me chortle as so often I sit with people to read and out pops the Death card and they say… Oh… yeah… yeah… I know… Death doesn’t mean Death… It means transformation…

And I say… yeah… sometimes Death means transformation… unless of course it’s one of those times when Death does actually mean ACTUAL Death… But don’t worry… you’ll know when that is because I will tactfully advise you not to buy any green bananas…

But Death means oh so very many different things… And being married to a Sexton… well Death weaves itself  into the very fabric of my life, maybe  more than in most people’s… Death puts food on my table… Death feeds my kids and pays my mortgage… Death is very much part of mine and Mr S’s life in a BIG way… and also in little TMI petite mort ways! 😀

But being married to a Sexton means that I often get strange gifts… and here is something that Mr S bestowed upon me…

It’s an ash scatterer… and WHO said romance was dead… 😀

Anyway… In modern times we use these…

In more ancient times… there was the fine art of Spodomancy

day 13


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