Finally a name

There lives in my head, a poem I first read at school. It’s one of the few things I have perfectly memorised… Most of the things I have memorised are for practical reasons – my NI number as I knew damn well that I’d never be able to keep a single piece of paper safe […]

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Writes and Wrongz

Today I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself as the 22nd and final poem for the D. O. is done and dusted… Though I’m not quite sure what I’ll do tomorrow… I know what needs to be done but it’s a new phase and the phase just done had its own rituals and rhythms that won’t […]

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Under Isa…

Just before I put the D. O. to sleep, I cast a set of runes for each image… Scattered seeds for stories to be written should I ever decide to go back and unearth the bastard child… Yesterday I sat all day at my desk… I’d pulled the card for the day and jotted down […]

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Narcolepsy and Notepads

Writing… Writing and I, we have a strange relationship… Tossing words down on a keypad is fast and fluid… Why is that? Hmm… Ah… OK… Ah… Yes, I know why… I’ll come back to that trick. Writing on paper… Eugh… It’s always been a laborious task. And still is! People assume that because I write, […]

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