Snippet 2 from D. O.

7 thoughts on “Snippet 2 from D. O.

  1. Wonderfully intense majesty of living power. Temperance meets the volcano , neither backing down as they immerse in one another to amplify into One Larger, as the Ace and Queen of Wands keep the tanks full of the high octane good stuff.

    “Whole World Welcomes
    Shining Adorn Chorus.”

    “Fire flourish voices
    Tempering forging
    Weather warming
    Accepts oneself.”

    A resounding thumbs up from my Soul Garden and Soul Gardener come up to hand as a Thank You for full-on Nature, uncut identity comfortably resonating as itself, as all it Is, naturally. The kaboom that is both sustainable and never stops. Fire of Life incarnate pulsing.

    This image inspires and its proetic words follow suit in kind.

    I love this card. I love this card.

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  2. 🙂 And that drove my instant resonance with the image. It is just SO calm in its naturalized intensity, Like patience is focused power smooth like glass on a lake calm… like The Devil and Temperance married themselves into the Queen of Cups as the Queen and King of Wands presided, the Ace of Wands bringing the ring, and then as the Tarot armature ebbed back from the stone like Michelangelo and marble with David… “Burning Beau” was revealed, birthed, named with his/its/hers personality as intense as Nature itself.

    My Sag loves it, my Cap Moon conjunct ASC in the 12th House loves that this kind of power is lasting and is really might not have to keep a foot on the tail of the Ma to stare into the abyss, though my Mercury~Neptune conjunction in… 10th House Scorpio is just enamored with this masterpiece of living imagery. Pluto and Uranus and Pallas, my Triple Crown conjunction in 8th House Virgo? They are just Quietly smiling in the front row wonderfully enjoying the show. I guess Chiron and Saturn, nowhere to be seen, had car trouble. 😉 I’m sure they’ll hear ALL about it from Mars hanging out in the dusk sky just below the ASC.

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