Triptych turn up

A photo reappeared from 8 years ago… It pauses me with how grainy and slightly out of focus it looks… It’s funny how the eye adjusts and forgets… At the time, it looked pristine and sharp and I marveled at the tech on my phone… I wonder how long until the crisp images on my present phone start to also look like antique relics… How odd that the eye does that…. or it the brain? Does the brain compensate to fill in details which you know are there but the camera and so the eye fail to capture? I remember as a child watching old black and white films and being thoroughly certain of the colours of dresses that characters wore… Red was always the easiset to see…

I smile as it feels like I’ve just landed a free 3 card reading… I have a little time on my hands and I decide to go cross reference with ImaginAction

I read the questions and I smile a little more as they feel en pointe resonant…

I decide a triptych deserves 3 viewings and so I toss down the D.O. and again, I smile more…

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