Waxtober 31

The last day of October and the end of waxtober feels to have arrived very quickly. When I started, I had no idea of what I would write about or indeed if I’d complete my self set task. Today’s waxing seems to punctuate the end of road, the pinks and greens declaring it to have […]

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Waxtober 29

When I first looked at today’s waxing, I was struck by what looks like an ethereal figure, radiating light… I asked myself the question – Is that some kind of guide? Who is that..? As I held that thought in mind, with my inner vision I could clearly see an image from the Orphaned Oracle… […]

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Waxtober 26

I look at today’s waxing and see a dragon… I wonder if he’s slain or slumbering or maybe silently guarding hoards of treasure… I laugh at that thought as I remember being asked a question first thing this morning – Where’s the pot of gold? The other driver arrived by bike this morning and saw […]

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Waxtober 24

Today’s waxing has me thinking on what is love? As a word, I think it’s become overused in some contexts to the point of being meaningless… I mean, the chair that I’m sat in to write this is pretty good but if I say I love my chair do I really love it… I think […]

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Waxtober 22

Today’s waxing fills me with laughter! I see a gravestone… the phrase for today has been – Thank God that’s over and done with! The last few months of my life have been filled with bugbears and beyond Brazil levels of bureaucracy… Under the old normal, things that would have been moderately inconvenient turned, under […]

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Waxtober 21

I look at today’s waxing and see many things relating to a fledgling project… It’s very much under wraps at present, a skeleton in place, muscles gathering in another place… Conversations unfolding as to how the pieces fit together… Creativity stirring but I’ll not say more as this fledgling is nowhere near ready to fly […]

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Waxtober 15

Looking at today’s waxing, the first thing I see is a pencil sharpener and pencil shavings. I guess it’s an echo of the amount of time I’ve been sat at my desk over the last couple months, making edits and tweaks. And whilst not actually using a pencil, it is fair to say that I’ve […]

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Waxtober 10

When I looked at this waxing it reminded me of two of my previous posts – Imaginary Friends where I talk about the Don’t Hurtle Turtle (about a project moving at a very slow place) and Under Isa (about the same project being put on ice for a few years). Over the last few weeks, […]

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Waxtober 3

I look at today’s waxing and I smile, I’m not sure whether my thoughts come from the image or from events very recent in mind or maybe a mix of both… The image reminds me of where I was stood 2 weeks ago. I’d driven myself and Mr S a little over 100 miles because […]

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