Waxtober 21

I look at today’s waxing and see many things relating to a fledgling project… It’s very much under wraps at present, a skeleton in place, muscles gathering in another place… Conversations unfolding as to how the pieces fit together… Creativity stirring but I’ll not say more as this fledgling is nowhere near ready to fly yet… I feel a quickening… Maternal protective instincts stirring…

Initially I’m quite puzzled by a shape I see… Three pointy shapes nestled in an anatomical heart shape veiny mass or maybe a placenta… There does seem to be an umbilicus attached… Whatever it is, feels to be a the heart of what is needed to feed this project, to sustain it… To bring it into life…

There’s something vaguely familiar about those 3 pointy shapes… Something I feel that I should be grasping but can’t quite put my finger on… Something that I should handle? I think hard for a couple of minutes then decide to dismiss it… To let my mind wander and think of something else…

I glance around my workspace… Organised chaos would be the polite euphemism… A space that no matter how many times I clean it recently, it refuses to stay clear and piles appear and objects amass… Amongst all this clutter I find my eye moving around a triangle shape… No? Really? 3 pointy things in my space… I gather them together…

Oh for the love of the Gods! That’s why that waxy shape looks familiar… Time to tool up for the labour ahead…

6 thoughts on “Waxtober 21

      1. 🙂 lol, it was the FIRST thing I saw, immediately. I had to zoom in to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me… OH, the lion from XXI The World has escaped and is now flying above Oz!

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