Waxtober 20

Today’s waxing left me with a conundrum… I found myself rich in thoughts on a day when I’m time poor… Hmm… Should I roll it over to tomorrow or should I find a way to work more quickly today?

I looked at the blank white space… I glanced my eyes around the room… My line of sight moving into the next room and the blank white space in the middle of the fridge… Sitting naked, surrounded by random magnet poems… It’s a game my kids play, they anonymously arrange words and deny ownership… Forcing me to guess who did it. It’s like living with a bunch of low budget Banksy bandits…

Maybe today is my turn to play…? I’ll neither confirm nor deny ownership of what’s now suddenly appeared on my fridge…

6 thoughts on “Waxtober 20

      1. 😎 Thanks! One-liner poems. Hmmmmmm, I think I’ll put that in my Emperor-though of don’t unseat the silence with drivel pocket. Thank you. I hadn’t noticed. The verse of 1 line. Nodding, smiling….

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