Waxtober 19

Waxing today drifted into a narcolepsy and notepad kind of day… I’ll briefly outline my thoughts but I know that when readings come through in this way, they are slow brews that become fuller flavoured over the coming days and weeks…

I looked at the colours and thought of fluorite and kyanite briefly before my eyes drifted to the bottom right and the cloudy sky… then up to the top right and another sky looking like the Northern Lights were edging their way in… in between the skies, a waterfall dividing these two worlds… the left some kind of cliff face… I thought about the rivers in Norse mythology… I let my mind free flow until I recalled a word… Ifingr… I ran it past the Google Oracle…

“Ifing is the river | that ‘twixt the realms
Of the gods and the giants goes;
For all time ever | open it flows,
No ice on the river there is.”

My mind drifted to the OO and pulled out a card…


I wondered where the river might be on the Yggdrasil… I fell asleep…Falling straight into vivid dream image, a dragon headed Viking boat going over the edge of a waterfall… I could see handwritten notes and writing above it but could not make out the writing… a beautiful handwritten script in ink, pleasing to my eye but illegible even though I knew it was written in my mother tongue, so it should have been easy… but somehow in the elegance, a meaning beyond the words was stirring awake, rendering the actual words less significant as words and more impactful as feelings to be evoked… stirring awake… words, shimmering…pulsing… golden glows… stirring me awake and and struggling to remember their shapes…

I sat a while and tried to remember and they just seemed to fade further away… I remembered a deck and so got out Yggdrasil Norse Divination Cards…

I smiled… My eyes heard words… an old friend’s words in my ear…

Funny 🙂 very funny… though I’ll keep this joke to myself… I’m not dropping names… I’m waiting to see if/when my friend spies their words…

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