Waxtober 18

Today’s waxing opened up a conversation with Odin… admittedly, I didn’t see him at first. Initially, I was drawn into the cabbage like shape and drifting in idle thoughts trying to decide whether those lines looked like the veins in a placenta or more like an evolutionary tree of life… thinking about how shapes in nature appear and reappear elsewhere… how sections of those lines looked a little like patterns in the eye… flecks of colour streaking the iris… musing on afterbirth… what happens after a birth… what happens before a birth… how far back is the beginning… what’s pre-conception… my mind rolling backwards thinking about how all the life we see now heralds back to some common shared ancestry…

It was Mr S that alerted me to Odin, Mr S who directed me to look at the hooded figure stood high on a ledge, pointing out over the forest below… I figured since the figure was here, it would be quite rude not to speak…

Odin? What do you have to say?

What lies yonder?

The future?

Tell me more…

My future? Hmmm, I paused to think and the first thought that came to mind is the project I’ve recently started. I venture a guess and tell him – ORRO?

He laughs, ORRO is part of tomORROw… Now what’s beneath my feet?

Afterbirth and evolution… The present?

Ah! A gift for me?

Hmmm…I think to myself – this is awkward! I’m empty handed, I wasn’t expecting company… Damn! I need to wing it!! Oh… maybe… ah, that box that arrived yesterday… my proof copy of the now titled Orphaned Oracle that’s been through many shifts and changes… D.O. to O.O. to almost A.O. often Oh F.O! until finally resting in the last name that I will give it…

I offer up my newborn and he doesn’t seem displeased… I think that whilst luck appears to be on my side, I should push it a little further and ask him a question… Odin? Where do ideas come from?

He looks at me with his good eye, shakes his head and sighs… Oh child, do you not pay attention? You’ve answered this already in your own words…

I have?

Yes… go back and look at how you evolved your images… The answer lies with the Voices From Within…

OH! The poems? Oh… he’s gone… I look back to the wax and notice how the light catches and brings to life the sprinkling of gold across the image… and I go dig out my poem…

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