Waxtober 3

I look at today’s waxing and I smile, I’m not sure whether my thoughts come from the image or from events very recent in mind or maybe a mix of both…

The image reminds me of where I was stood 2 weeks ago. I’d driven myself and Mr S a little over 100 miles because I wanted to ritualistically toss something into the sea. Mr S has had half his life eye rolling at my magical inclinations that defy rhyme and reason, so he just rolls with my urges and enjoys the ride.

When we arrived, the wind was raging. My hair alternating between whipping my face and standing on end, making me 7+feet tall. The tide was fully in and waves crashed. I’ve been to this place too many times to count, I find my way there like a homing pigeon. In all the times I’ve been, this is the first time I’ve seen the waves ride sideways across the wash…

Mr S remarks that I’ve chosen a good day to rid myself of this item… He muses that the sea is hungry and ready to swallow it up…

I find my spot and launch the reminder of things that I no longer wish to be reminded of. Watch it taken by the breaking waves, watch it get churned into the motion amongst pebbles and shells that are being rolled up and down… I release a big sigh of thanks into the the wind which is surprisingly warm given its ferocity… I walk away without looking back. OK, its done! Time to move on…

I look at my waxing today and again I smile… I remember the old saying It’s an ill wind that blows no good… Yup, letting go of the things you don’t want makes more room for the things you do want…

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