Waxtober 15

Looking at today’s waxing, the first thing I see is a pencil sharpener and pencil shavings. I guess it’s an echo of the amount of time I’ve been sat at my desk over the last couple months, making edits and tweaks. And whilst not actually using a pencil, it is fair to say that I’ve been turning things over and over trying to sharpen up and define the point of a project.

Yesterday, I finally signed off, deciding that all was done…

Today, I get a message and it highlights some obvious offshoots… Appendages that could be added if I wanted to, to the project that’s completed in a standalone form and has already made its first sale…

I have time on my hands so I toy with today’s new idea… Surely this should be simple and straightforward? Hmm… Apparently not. Files formatted for use in one form needing retuning to fit a different form… The devil is in the derail…

So! It’s back to drawing board yet again… There’s more learning and research to do… Ha! Projects are like housework! You might think that you’ve gotten to a point where things look finished but you’re never really done… Though I guess overtime you learn how to turn things around more quickly?

2 thoughts on “Waxtober 15

  1. Not for me. I’ve got some projects that come back to haunt me over a long period of time (sigh!). Mercury retrograde, so hoping your project can overcome the vibe and go into truly finished territory. 🙂

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    1. It’s a spin off that I could do at any point in the future. I’ve decided to file it under – I’ll do it if/when time and inclination collide. I’m kind of thinking that if I need to learn new skills then I may as well write new material to use…
      You’ve just reminded me of my haunt me project that I started writing about 10 years ago and have intermittently worked on and off with. Over the last year, I’ve seen several similar ideas surfacing and so have been kicking myself for missing the boat… Maybe that’s my Merc Rx project that needs revisiting… Hmm… 🤣


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