Out Of Hand

It feels like a long time since I last wrote on here, which is an  odd notion for me to be feeling given the sporadic and often erratic cycle of my scribblings. I guess it feels like a long time as I drew the image above intending to write about it, and popped it into […]

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Jingle Jangle Hells Bells

Last night, someone asked me an innocent and innocuous question and something strange happened… I can’t think of a good way to describe it… For want of a better expression, I’d say my whole body just spazzed out. Both my shoulders launched themselves towards my ears, I just about kept my left hand on the […]

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Female not Foe

OK, let’s be honest, I’m not proud of myself, but… Well we all have our odd habits and one of my borderline perversions is paddling in the sewers of the Internet. Yes. I know I’m educated! I should be spending my time better elsewhere but… As vices go, it’s not a terrible one… Anyway, I […]

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