Under Isa…

Just before I put the D. O. to sleep, I cast a set of runes for each image… Scattered seeds for stories to be written should I ever decide to go back and unearth the bastard child… Yesterday I sat all day at my desk… I’d pulled the card for the day and jotted down […]

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Knowing the Type

I’m the first to admit that I’m my own worst enemy and certainly over the last couple of days I’ve been kicking myself, thinking I’ve set myself a bigger challenge that I can meet… In one of my ‘Oh, I’ve got a good idea’ moments, I decided to write a poem for each card in […]

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Mindscape Reflections

Oh flippin’ ‘eck! What’s going on with WordPress? I’ve just logged in via laptop this morning to find that I’ve got to learn how to use it all over again. On an average day I’d probably be a bit more frustrated than I’m feeling now… Now, I’m feeling amused as it feels like a punchline […]

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Discarded Oracle

And so I come to the final card in the D.O. Yesterday, I looked at the image and took in the shadows of the Norns looking over the newborn baby… I thought about how this card was a very obvious extension of ‘What’s In A Web…’ The image where the 3 Norns stand looking at […]

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This penultimate unveiling of D.O. images, is of the card that was last to be drawn… Or should that be draaaaaaaaaawn… It came at a much later date and at a point a good while after I had resigned myself to accepting this whole thing as an abandoned project. Typically, if I have something to […]

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Ship Out of Harbour

Moving through the D. O. I’m down to, every croupier’s favourite words, “The last 3”. This card has always jarred me… The D. O. is in my eyes, artistically speaking, a pick ‘n’ mix of misfits that somehow seem to rub along and happily live together… Except for this one. Somehow the colours clash… There’s […]

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Memory Swell

Faced with the 22 cards of the D.O. and deciding to start the process of some kind of write up, I wasn’t clear on which order to go. I figured, so what? It’s a divination tool so just pull… that worked well up to a point then at some point, the cards seemed to naturally […]

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This morning I wake up with this image in my mind alongside memories of last night’s minibus ride and it makes me smile a lot… Let’s talk about the image first, I’ll ramble about the ride later… So! Yggdrasil… The Norse version of the tree of life… The way into the 9 Worlds. This version […]

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