Background Noise

I hear a lot about the evils of Television… But I like TV and call me antagonistic or provocative or whatever (trust me I’ve been called worse) but maybe if you don’t like TV then you’re using it the wrong way. I like TV. I like the background noise that muffles out the sounds that […]

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Les Jeux Sont Faits…

PREVIOUS|MASTER  LIST|NEXT This hop was set by Alison Cross… Here’s a list of the Majors, she said…Pick a card… But, before you jump in and pick your favourite card… you might want to set yourself a bit of a challenge. So… I thought about it and I don’t really have a favourite card and I […]

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Oh Wheely?

  I’ve got a bit of a jaded view of the Wheel of Fortune… I spent 12 years working in a Casino and watching the wheel watchers who took meticulous notes…convinced that they could crack the system, break the bank, and walk away a winner… Looking for order in a random universe of mathematical probability […]

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