Mystereum Life Mapping Meets the Oracle…

027 Your Nuclear Power (c) Jordan Hoggard 2012
027 Your Nuclear Power
(c) Jordan Hoggard 2012

So… I play with these extensively… for all manner of reasons… and if you’ve not already come across them, then where on earth have you been? They are from  Jordan Hoggard’s 78 Life Mapping eSpread collection…

Go check it out… either here The Land of Mystereum or over  here at his new des res… The Divination Studio

And maybe you’re not a Mystereum junky, but don’t let that put you off… These spreads work with anything…

So… today, I have been playing my spreads alongside Cherly Lee Harnish’s Path of the Soul Destiny Cards



So… what did I get…

Card 1 ~ What is the nature of your psychic reactor, your inner power?

12 Fertile ~ creativity and ideas that arise from inner desires and dreams… knowing when the conditions are right to bring forth thoughts into form and to take action.

Card 2 ~ What source codes inform your imagination?… imagination composed of 4 characters: your ideas, creativity, intuition, and the silent spaces between them that bring them into the relationship

19 Clarity ~ recognising when thought processes are running most clearly… how the mind, body and spirit interplay… feeling how energy levels change as soon as old emotions are released to make way for new experiences that bring joy and contentment.

Card 3 ~ How does your purest inner power resonate around you?

24 Vibration ~ and at this I LOL as I’ve been told repeatedly this week from many different sources that my laughter brings healing… So I will go with my booming laugh and say that my bwhahaha is the vibration that resonates my inner power out to those around me…

(((  😀 )))

Card 4 ~ What stabilizes your inner power to focus your output?

15 Revelations ~ the lifting of the veil to see things clearly that were previously hidden… things that were lurking being driven out into clear view… new perspective that comes from seeing more of the picture… seeing things as they really are and putting in place those new beginnings that now have room to grow after dropping the dead weight…

And that is how I have played today…

How will you play?

Oh… and don’t forget to go visit The Divination Studio… It’s tres (psy)chic 😀




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