Hawk takes chariot for test drive…

Freya the Warrior Goddess
Freya the Warrior Goddess

So… I recently wrote an article for Soul Path Magazine and if you want to read that in full and also check out all the other great items that are in there, then go click on this link!

But being as it is Friday, it feels to be a good day to share with you the spread I designed to look at how you are loyal to yourself…


Riding out with Freya
Riding out with Freya


1. How do you bring balance to yourself? In what ways do you stand tall and proud?

2. How do you move forward like a warrior? What do you chose to leave behind and what do you chose carry forward with you?

3. How aware are you of the messages that you receive? How do you recognise perfect timing?

4. What is your rite of passage? How do you free yourself from entanglement and rise above obstacles?

5.How do you find strength and new perspective when faced with defeat? How do you recognise the opportunities that are disguised in loss?

6. Now consider all your cards together… what story do they tell you?

So… then I have a lady called Hawk drop me a very lovely email, to ask if I could take a look at her cards for her…

So… Here is what happened when I took Hawk for a test drive…

Hawk talks Mystereum with Freya...
Hawk talks Mystereum with Freya…



4 of Swords
You bring balance to yourself by having clear ideas on where you are going and for every thought, putting an action into place to move you one step closer to where you want to be. You stand tall and proud by imagining yourself at your final destination… Like a chess player will think many moves ahead to their goal, you have a head for strategy and know the value of clear calm communication and moving things at a steady pace.

8 of Wands
With you, it’s not so much a matter of choosing what you take or leave behind, but more the sense that you can make a base camp, take what is needed to travel lightly and return anytime to collect anything you need… Nothing is left behind, just put in storage until needed. You move forward by being quick to respond and launch into action, you have your eye scanning in all directions for new opportunities and move swiftly to grab them when you think aha!! That’s got my name on it!

Queen of Pentacles
Maintaining a certain amount of order in your surroundings is important for you to feel fully grounded. Inspiration comes from being outdoors and feeling that mother earth connection… And you have good instincts. You need to stay on top of mundane matters and keep the day to day stuff in order and running smoothly, as when you move into new areas/ ideas, you move swiftly… And you don’t want to interrupt your flow by having an underlying niggle of worry that …oh… I hope the direct debit for the gas bill is in place… Keep all your practical stuff up to date to avoid distraction!

Your rite of passage? Well you know all those thoughts and ideas that you have when you are sat with the Q of P in the garden, taking in all the heat of the sun and the feel of the earth beneath you, and the smells that surround and the birdsong in the air? Take all those thoughts and let them unfurl… Stretch them out as far as you can and imagine them through to how far you can take them… You free yourself simply by knowing that you are following your true calling…

5 of Swords
Sometimes you just have to accept that shit happens! Don’t get caught up in trying to think it through and re-run all the ‘ what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’… Drop it all… Take a breather and let it all fall away… Rest up until you feel you are fully rested then move on…

As a group of cards, it feels that you should remember that before you nurture others, you first must tend to yourself… I see that little scene where they give out the instructions on a plane… In the event of an emergency, put on your own oxygen mask first. Yours! Not the kids, not anybody else’s… Yours! You’re no use to anyone if you can’t breathe properly…
Pay attention to your breath… See how it feels… How does it rise and fall? Take note and if it feels to be off… Then rest… Then when you’ve cared for yourself… Then you can go conquer the world! 😀

So.. if you fancy a bit of friendly Friday chat… then go hitch a ride with Freya and see what she has to say…

4 thoughts on “Hawk takes chariot for test drive…

    1. Thank you! You make me smile 🙂 yeah… I can’t wait to see my next spread either… I never know what’s going to pop out until it arrives and then I’m always pleasantly surprised… I will start in my usual place of playing with my pastels and see where they take me… and I also have a couple of more freestyle reads to do… when the muse comes to amuse me… 😉


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