Book Review… The Intuitive Playbook for Empathy, Intentions and Gratitude

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The Intuitive Playbook for Empathy, Intentions and Gratitude: A 365-Day Color Journal by Bernard Charles

This playbook is to help you visually express and record your natural energy flow by observing the myriad of colors in your life.

I get to meet some interesting characters on the interwebby and one of  the more interesting and colourful in many ways characters, is Bernard Charles who describes himself as follows:

 I am an ancient host of intuition that reignites the light in people through meditation coaching, crystal healing and intuitive card/tea readings. 

Bernard Charles @IntuitionHost
Bernard Charles @IntuitionHost

I’ve been following Bernard’s monthly color features in Soul Path Magazine for some time now,  so I was delighted to get a sneak peek  at his latest project…

Well… what can I say?

It’s everything that I would have expected from Bernard. It’s fun and light hearted and very much geared to developing your own work in a way that is personal and unique to you. Play and doodling is highly recommended and encouraged and Bernard uses his knowledge to provide a framework of prompts for you to hang your ideas on.

There’s enough information provided to introduce you to topics to explore without having to do heavy duty study. There are insights to the Chakra System and Color Typology Personality Tests but again the emphasis is on using experiential learning through play to develop your own insights and understanding.

I very much liked the ‘My Wheel of Color’ which you fill in over 12 months to track your personal usage of color.

Month by month there are pages to journal and various ideas are used as creative prompts, such as declarations of intentions, reflections on quotes and some fun exercises to take a break and try new things…

In fact one exercise where Bernard describes an unusual way to self-portrait,  I liked so much, I tried it right away…

Self-portrait using method in Bernard's Playbook...
Self-portrait using method in Bernard’s Playbook…

So who is this book for?

I think this book would have a wide appeal. It’s as simple or as complicated to fill in as you want to make it and as such I can see it not only being enjoyed by adults but also that it would be a valuable tool for kids… Basically, if you can pick up a crayon and you like to doodle or jot or scribble then I’m sure you will find some pleasure here…

Go pay Bernard a visit…

Bernard Charles

Visit here to buy:

 The Intuitive Playbook for Empathy, Intentions and Gratitude: A 365-Day Color Journal by Bernard Charles


Find Bernard on his website, facebook page, or twitter

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