Musings on Mystereum Mountains… Part 1…

I’ve been wondering around in Mystereum for quite some time now and as such, frequently find myself looking at mountains…


They’re everywhere… or are they? When I sat down to take a closer look, I found that there were none to be found in the land of Pentacles, which is instead filled with open spaces and rolling hills… And then in the lands of Cups and Wands there are places where the familiar backdrop is absent…


But what surprised me most, is that when I first went through my deck to pull out all the cards with mountains on… I failed to pull out a single Sword card… yet there they are… in every Sword card… And I know that I knew that because when I first had my deck, I would put pastel to paper and draw the cards… so I’ve drawn those mountains a fair few times…

So why couldn’t I see them anymore? I thought about that and it made me think of walking around my home town. I’ve lived here more years than I care to mention and every so often I will walk with people who have moved here from other places. People who weren’t born here seem to find it much more fascinating… so sometimes I’ll ask them to show me the sights… I think maybe now and then you have to see your familiar surroundings through new eyes…

Anyway… during my musing, I stumbled across this picture of  The Sandia Mountains and it feels to be very much like those Sword Mountains with the splendor of the skies laden heavy with colourful clouds… So I place it here as a reminder to myself to not forget what’s under your nose! To take some time and see the old scenery as a stranger might… to be a tourist… a sightseer…

Card images – Tarot in the Land of Mystereum (c) Jordan Hoggard 2010

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