Personal Emails in Public

7 thoughts on “Personal Emails in Public

  1. “Https trashed 3.” Interesting.

    Anyway, thanks much for posting this. I am suddenly no longer uncomfortable at all. I appreciate your perspective, and look forward to experiencing what others express about theirs. I gather it’s NOT too much. In fact it may be the BEST thing when comments generate dialogue whether fluid or on topic, and/or/neither or all. Go You! Thanks again for posting this question for the whole world to answer. Now comes more good stuff.

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    1. Good for you buddy, good for you.
      You know, I thought blogging was a dead art form and noone actually read them anymore.
      Strangely, my stats for this post and my previous post have gone stratospheric…

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      1. I’m sure people DO care about many things, though I suspect that *this* is not one of them.
        It’s lockdown!
        The bodily movements are restricted and the mind wants to roam. Surfing the Web is armchair travelling and a blue sky holiday for the brain.

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