Waxtober 14

I guess the first thing I noticed about today’s waxing was the shift in tone. Yesterday’s was a greyish black and the previous pieces have all been quite muted colours in comparison to colours that I would consider to be more my kind of colours… I’d be hard pressed to tell you exactly which my […]

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What Dads Do

This morning, Ke gawped at me, jaw hanging, eyes wide in disbelief. She let out long sigh – Wow Karen, you’ve certainly got someone looking over you. Your guardian angels sure know when to turn up… I’d just explained why I was out of character late arriving and why I was in the Battle Bus […]

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Welcome to The Ex Files…

When it comes to Family of Origin vs Family of Choice… I think I’ve made my preference more than clear in Confessions of an Elective Orphan…  Though as a brief summary…. well I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it again… Blood may be thicker than water… But which would you rather swim in… Yes… […]

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