Waxtober 25

As I look at today’s waxing, it feels to be a good fit for the season. Last night the clocks went back, marking the end of BST…Autumn is in its final fling before Winter sets in… I have mixed feelings about this time of year… I like that there’s a brief respite from the dark […]

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Waxtober 11

I looked at today’s Waxing and laughed a little as it appears that the sea theme is still rolling in… I looked at what I see as big waves and to the left, the shape that looks like some kind of seaweed, maybe kelp? swept into motion by the tides… But then I hear music… […]

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Waxtober 8

When I looked at today’s waxing, my first thought was – birth of a star. That came to mind in the split second before I looked at the shape on the left and felt like I was stood behind somebody watching this epic event… I remembered a time a few years ago when I was […]

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Karma Drama Llama Chameleon…

Karma… What is karma? I hear this word a lot of late… it’s bandied about in various ways… I’m not sure all of them  actually mean what karma is maybe intended to mean… I see lots of quotes worn with pride that I feel are maybe more about shouting KARMA!! to justify and condone what […]

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Memory jogs and jigs…

The mind is a funny old place… well… when I say the mind… I mean my mind as obviously I have no idea what goes on in yours… but mine for sure is curious… curious in many ways… And one of the really nice things I like about the work that I do, is that […]

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Tarot say Death

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve sat down with a nervous client for their first Tarot reading and they’ve gone to me: Don’t give me the Death card… but it doesn’t mean death… or does it…? And I am generally of a pig ignorant disposition, so I always find that hilariously […]

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