The Golden World of Samuel DM…

Now… I have been accused of this very many times… so… I think  it is fair to say that…

With the gab, I have been gifted 😀

Though every so often, I meet someone who resolutely refuses to succumb to my patter… and that is how I met Sam… I was most determined to talk him out of his size 9 golden wellington boots  that he was wearing, even though they would be  2 sizes too big… I tried to convince him that I would provide a most excellent home for them… But he resisted all my charms!

So… In an attempt to distract him from his work and prolong our chat further… I invited him over for a Speed Read… hoping that he might be persuaded to change his mind about those wellies…

Spead read with Sam

So… our talk turned to Tarot and it would appear that Sam has some interesting times ahead… Take a peep in the corner… you can see that World card there…

XXI The World (c) Jordan Hoggard 2010
XXI The World
(c) Jordan Hoggard 2010

So… just as things were getting interesting… Sam had to get back to work… and I had to watch him walk away and I laughed and called after him ~ Hey! You’re walking in golden boots into a golden future!

But… I wasn’t going to let him escape that easily, so I invited him to send me a question and I would continue his reading on my blog…

Now that’s where I really did shoot myself in the foot… I often read to people who have never had a reading before and they will say – Do I need to ask you a question? Can I ask you any question on anything at all?

And I will say – you don’t have to ask me a question, though if you have one, then ask away… and yes… anything… anything except for sport!

So… yeah! You guessed it Sam sent me a Sports question…

Now, as I said, I’m not the biggest sports fan but I’m lucky in that I have a good team in Mystereum to help me out…

I took a run through my deck to see if it could offer up a strategy for peak performance…

My cards told me that the key to competing at your highest level lies in mental preparation…

Ace of Cups, Page of Wands, Ace of Swords, Magician, Queen of Cups (c) Jordan Hoggard 2010
Ace of Cups, Page of Wands, Ace of Swords, Magician, Queen of Cups
(c) Jordan Hoggard 2010

So… my squad offered up  5 points for Sam to focus on…

1. Confidence in your skills

The Ace of Cups says… Trust your ideas Sam! Visualise! Recall all those times you’ve taken first place and raised the winner’s trophy! Repeat after me… I AM NUMBER ONE!

2. Prepare to cope with setbacks

The Page of Wands says… it may well be a cliche… but it still holds true… When the going gets tough the tough get going! Don’t get dismayed if you feel as though things are not moving quick enough… dig deep within your inner reserves to find where your strengths lay… Remember the reasons why you originally chose to take this path… What makes you feel strongly grounded and connected to your goals?

3. Immerse fully into the role of the athlete

The Ace of Swords says… Ha ha!! Cut to the chase my friend! Master steely determination! Know that pressure serves to add to your performance!

4. Focus on execution

The Magician says… Oh.. you wanna talk focus? Hey! You came to the right guy! I’m numero uno when it comes to intense focus! I move with such flow that I appear to defy the very laws of Physics… My secret… I can see all around me without moving my head… I’m firmly fixed on that finishing line and I feel exactly where the competition is… but I don’t miss a beat… POOF! GONE!!

5. Fine polish and commit to a game plan

The Queen of Cups says… Sam my son, it all comes down to visualising and feeling into your emotions… Know that you were born gifted to do this… As the Ace of Cups asks you to recall the past, I ask you to peer into the future… look now to next Summer and the Summers thereafter… Where will you be? See your arms held high as you cross the line… And what is that…that I see? That yellow disk being welcomed into my arms… Could it be a gold medal?

So… even though Sam still won’t give me his golden boots… I still predict a golden future…

And if you’d like to see more of Sam… you can find him here… on facebook… or over at his website…

Go give him a follow… though not in a stalker way! 😀

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Photos courtesy of The Model Camp

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