Background Noise

I hear a lot about the evils of Television… But I like TV and call me antagonistic or provocative or whatever (trust me I’ve been called worse) but maybe if you don’t like TV then you’re using it the wrong way. I like TV. I like the background noise that muffles out the sounds that […]

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When Magicians Meet

My intention this morning was to move on to another card in the D.O. The card has been chosen, the story lags behind and tells me it wants another day to brings lines into order. I decided OK, let’s take a break but then this story from 2 years ago today appeared in my time […]

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Set ’em up Jo…

PREVIOUS|MASTER|NEXT The theme for this blog hop was set by Joanne Sprott, who prompted… Give us your take on the influence of the Sun and/or Mercury in the Tarot or your favorite oracle deck… This amused on several levels… firstly I guess, because… well… I am just so easily amused in general! Secondly… In my […]

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