She Walks in the Wind…

So… it seems like forever since I last wrote here… And in actual fact it’s not that long, just that I’ve been busy with quite a few new ideas… One of which is a group I joined – Hawk’s Art Projects, where there are a few things going on… the common theme being drawing by divination…
Ok… so I thought I would have a go at the patron project… and this is what came out, which is not really what I intended… I drew what I originally intended then at the point where maybe I should have put it aside as finished, I tried something new and learnt a couple of things… so it would seem that pastels don’t mix well with a couple of things… if you’re gonna try something new… maybe best to try a test patch rather than go for a final flourish…  But my disaster turned to happy accident, as I tried to rescue my picture and then something happened that I didn’t expect… I didn’t draw back in the original, something new appeared…
So… I’ll tell you who this is… You know, I don’t really know who she is… She’s been with me very many times… and always at the times when I have felt most sad and life has seemed full of turmoil… I go out and I walk… just walk… any direction… just walk and walk and she appears behind me and she is about six and half feet tall and she matches me stride for stride and I never see her face, but I know she is there and I know her dress flows behind and her hair rides wild and free… And I’ve asked her many times – who are you? And she says – you don’t need to know my name child, just that I am always here… And so, I call her – She Walks in the Wind, as when she comes, so does the wind and it circles about us both and catches my worries and blows them away and both of us stride one step in front of the other as hair is caught and swept up high and trails and whirls…
So today… I sit to draw and I draw what I’ve sensed behind me so many times… and I lose that picture… and in the one that returns, I see for the first time… The tunnels of colours that she lays out before me to stride through…

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