Setting a goal with Sekhmet

When it comes to reading tarot, I use a whole range of methods… depending on the mood I’m in or the reason I’m reading…

Generally I’m quite free flowing but sometimes when it comes to looking in depth at a specific area, a spread is called for…

Here is one I designed recently, as part of an article for Soul Path Magazine

I have a goal or two in mind… So, I sat down for a chat with Sekhmet to see what questions would be useful to consider when making my plans…


  1. How can emotional energies be harnessed to the intellect? How do you adjust your rate of progress to suit the team around you and not just yourself?
  1. What past experiences can be taken advantage of? What old ideas have been put aside and can be examined for use in the current situation?
  1. What circumstances should you avoid losing control of? How do you ensure that you are not carried along by a flow of events?
  1. What areas do you need to research? What skills/information do you need to acquire for future use?
  1. How do you divide your time and resources to meet your goals and ideals?
  1. Here, make a choice… either consider the previous cards as a whole and question – How do you keep your appetite for life strong across all areas? How do you maintain balance and ensure that one ambition does not come at the expense of another desire? OR… draw a 6th card to answer…. OR… use a 6th card to further inform one of your other cards, in whichever position you consider to be most meaningful at present. Hey! It’s your plan…

Are you ready to step into action?

To read this  in full and more great articles by a host of talented people, check out Soul Path Magazine…

It’s a massive 73-pages this month themed around a mix of Sekhmet, Gratitude & Paranormal!!!

Soul Path Magazine
Soul Path Magazine

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