How Underappreciated are Comedians? Or, Comedy as Bodhisattva Fever

This is a great piece, on a subject close to my heart 🙂

Quiet Mystic

Laughing BuddhaSo, I’ve decided not to blog every single day about tarot any more. This will come as no surprise to all of you who have watched my blog completely and totally disappear over the last few months. But yet, I do still want to keep the blog current. So my plan is, in this space, to write about tarot much of the time, but also touch on non-tarot topics occasionally.

Because that gives me a chance to share this somewhat random but still worthwhile thought with you: Stand-up comedians are a national treasure.They are. Comedians should be revered throughout the land. They should be worshiped in churches. They should not have to pay taxes. That’s how much we should treasure the people who can make us deeply, sincerely, laugh.

And here’s the thing: it’s NOT because they’re funny. Funny, by itself, could be mean-spirited, or crude, or just…in poor…

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