Adventures on my Tarot travels…

So… Mid-June, I received a phone call… an unknown number on my work phone, just as I was half-dressed and mid-way through applying my make-up, getting ready to leave for a reading gig, and usually under those circumstances, I would never have answered the phone but all my kids shouted in chorus- MUM!!!! PHONE!!! YOU HAVE TO ANSWER!!!

So… I answered the phone in my most irreverent and off-handed manner, was delightfully obnoxious and told the voice on the other end – Look! I’m busy! I don’t have time for your prank calls! Then I was generally argumentative as the voice on the other end, somehow convinced me that it was a genuine call and invited me to test read for new company that was being set up… and a date was set in the diary for Monday.

Monday came and went and nobody called… See! I knew it! Pranksters! 😀

Tuesday came and due to series of events, I was still at home when I should have been elsewhere… The phone rang and a voice apologised for being 10 minutes late. What? I said… 10 minutes late??? For what??? My test read??? Oh… You’re not 10 minutes late… You’re 24 hours late mate! Do I have time now??? Not really… oh go on then…. let’s do it!

And this is where my, as my husband calls it, ‘living in total chaos’ paid off as there sitting on my desk rather than being put neatly away was my deck… I looked down at my tatty, battered and well worn Mystereum and asked … Well M… what do you think? Are you up for it?

M winked back at me and laughed YEAH BayBEE!!! Let’s ROCK!!!

And so it came to pass, that I was offered a place on the Psychic Ether team…

So… this week found me up in Manchester meeting the rest of the team…

Psychic Ether Christmas Party
Derek Acorah’s Psychic Ether

I met some pretty interesting people and to quote Psychic Ether…

We at the Psychic Ether team have interviewed over 150 psychics, but decided to keep our community of psychics to a limit.
We have hand picked some of the best and well known psychics in the UK for their experience, accuracy and most of all their warm and genuine personalities. Derek Acorah has quality assured all of us.

Among us are aromatherapists, astrologists, numerologists, ghost busters, tarot, rune and angel card readers, palmists, pet psychics, psychic mediums, colour/ aura therapists, Feng Shui experts and Past life regression therapists, counsellors, bereavement counsellors, NLP practitioners, reflexologists, energy healers, Reiki masters and teachers. The list goes on ……. you name it we’ve got it.

Some of our psychics have published authors, written articles for popular spiritual magazines, been awarded Psychic of the year awards, worked on TV, talk on radio stations and run their own workshops in their areas of expertise. At some point we hope to run Psychic Ether workshops up and down the UK so can all meet us in person.

Why would you come to us?

We have all needed some support, guidance and direction at some point in our lives and it’s lovely to talk to our friends and family but sometimes they are too emotionally involved in our problems to give us help. You can trust us to give you a confidential, non-judgemental reading. We all use our spiritual guides and practical knowledge to look at your past, present and future outcomes and most importantly advice on how to reach your goals. With our years of experience there isn’t much we haven’t heard or helped people with, no matter what your situation or stage you are at in life. So whether you are looking for a general reading, needing some specific answers, wanting to connect with a loved one or animal who has passed or indeed want to develop your own psychic abilities and look at making positive changes in your own lives – we can help you.
What you need to do now.

View each psychics video blog and choose which psychic you think you will best connect with.
Go to click on their availability and book a reading that suits you both.

You can choose to have a face to face reading via our video link or we can call you back for a phone reading at no extra cost to you. Our prices are affordable, up front and flexible depending on how long you think you will need.

You can check my availability by clicking here… Karen Sealey

You can also read my monthly blogs along with many others,  here… Derek Acorah’s Psychic Ether Blogroll

And you can check out my weekly blogs ~ Tarot Tuesdays~ on facebook, here… Psychic Ether

The adventure continues…




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