Tarot Reader’s Biggest Secret Revealed…

Ok… for the sake of humanity… I think I need to set the record clear on a few things…

I’m still a newbie Astrologer and splashing around in the shallow end of that pool so I can tell you not whether it’s down to a particularly peculiar planetary vibe… but there seems to a whole load of weirdness currently with people asking me strange questions such as – When did you first realise that you had a touch of the dark side in you or does it run in your family… bwhahahaha! Well… maybe I should be careful as to how I answer that one… Maybe I’ll wait until a few more of the old buggers are dead before I spill on that one… ย and then there’s those who seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that tarot readers hold all the secrets to the universe, the cosmos, the outer woo, or whatever people are calling it these days, in their little hands… And it’s not just me that it’s happening to… Somebody somewhere seems to have put the word out that tarot readers are all things to all people…

And quite frankly that is utter tosh…

We are not all seeing, all knowing and we all have out little specialist skills but you know it is quite hilarious when along with all the questions, you get asked things that really could be found easily and quickly via a quick visit to the Google Oracle… for example… where’s a good restaurant?

No… we do not hold all the secrets of the universe in our sweaty little mitts…

We tend to hold our secrets to our universe’s in our hands…

We also tend to own ridiculous amounts of books and bookcases…

Secrets of the universe

And in our heads we hold years of study and memories and the wisdom of experiences

In our minds we hold insight and intuition

In our hearts we hold love and compassion and empathy

We have fire and passion in our bellies

And while we don’t hold all the secrets of the universe in our hands…

Often when we work with people

We help them to find the power in their hands

We help them to shape the world that they live in…

We are human

and at the end of the day…

Here’s the biggest secret of them all…


Yup! That’s right!

Tarot readers poop too!

Yeah… that’s right and we make tpyos too!


4 thoughts on “Tarot Reader’s Biggest Secret Revealed…

  1. Aw Love this post thanks … totally agree, readers don’t have all the answers.. and have to poop too… ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I love your bookcase as well.. i have decks under the bed .. special ones.. lol..


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