2016 May Reiki Blog Hop Master List


Today is our second Reiki Blog Hop!

The theme is:


This is something that I’ve seen wildly varying views on, so was interested in hearing the views and opinions that other Reiki healers have to offer.

Here is the list of participants:

  1. Karen Sealey https://pureblessedtarot.wordpress.com/2016/05/15/consensual-healing/
  2. Joy Vernon http://joyvernon.com/Blog/permission-omission-or-commission/
  3. Sierra Koch http://reikiplayground.com/reiki-consent/
  4. Jay Cassels http://metaphysicalangels.co.uk/rbh2
  5.  Aaron Lozano http://www.turtlehearttarot.com/blog/may-reiki-blog-hop-2016-consent


Thank you and welcome to everyone who is joining us here!

The Reiki Blog Hop will happen once every two months–our next hop will be July 15, 2016.

For more info, or if you’d like to be a part of it, please check us out on Facebook.

7 thoughts on “2016 May Reiki Blog Hop Master List

  1. This was a wonderful topic, Karen! Each one of us took it in a fresh direction. I learned a lot and had some nice a-ha moments. A great group of people, great writers, great topic. Thank you!


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