Pro Procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time

Edward Young (1683-1765)

Now there’s some words I’ve had levelled at me many times… Ok, so it doesn’t help when people ask me what I’ve been doing all day and I say “nothing…”. I like doing ‘nothing’… Though oddly, as Mr S remarked yesterday, there’s an awful lot of stuff that gets done around our place, things are sorted and happening. It’s a mean feat considering they get done by someone who never appears to be doing anything. I’m the most productive lazy person he’s ever met…

See the thing is when I say ‘nothing’, sometimes it is literally nothing, but often it’s short hand for I’ve been thinking and I’m not yet ready to tell you what it’s about… When procrasinating is thieving your time, that’s because you’re an amateurcrastinator! There’s a lot going on with a PROcrastinator… There may not be obvious outwards signs, but trust me, I’ve been a busy bee… busier than the busy busy people who fill their hours with stuff for the sake of stuff. C’mmon, how can you tell me that being alone with my thoughts is wasting time, when you’re prepared to queue half the day because McD’s has just re-opened…

My doing nothing is…

Though today has also included kicking this bloody wp malarky into touch…

At last! I’ve sussed it! 🙂

It’s been interesting to see that since I brought my blog out of stasis a couple of months ago, I’ve written 50 posts and 35,186 words… I find that kind of funny as each year I decide I’d never be able to write enough to complete a nanowrimo challenge! 😀

Also amusing me is that I’ve had a few people tell me that I should write more. Seriously? I thank them and hold off from saying – No… people should read more… I’ve got pre-lockdown back catalogue of 300+ posts sitting around virtually unread…

Skimming through my stats I found that it’s quite an old post that’s landing lots of hits recently – My Secret Tarot Method for Winning the Lotto!!!

Blimey! and people say I waste MY time 😀

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