Forgotten Flowers

Sifting through my emails, I find one from 5 years ago, addressed to myself… The subject line reads FPO… I’m puzzled as to what that could be. No doubt at the time it made perfect sense to me… I wonder why I’m such an idiot when it comes to filing my own things. When I file things for other people, I am meticulous and logical and thorough and I can recall every detail and instantly put my hand on anything asked for… Why don’t I work for myself with such precision? I don’t know… I do know it’s on the top of the list of things I want to change and kick into shape…

So, I’m still at a loss as to what FPO initially stood for… I can hazard a guess, though 5 years on, I’m not keen on the title… Though 5 years ago, I didn’t much care for the images I stashed away for/from myself… Today, now that I’ve forgotten that I drew them, they draw me in and I feel much warmer towards them…

Note to self – wax paint more flowers! And store them properly!

7 thoughts on “Forgotten Flowers

      1. You know, all truly creative people are driven by the urge to create something to show the world and then by the need to hide it and ourselves again. All we see is our mistakes. So it is good you brought this work out having forgotten all about it. There’s heart and soul there and you should be proud.

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  1. ” driven by the urge to create something to show the world and then by the need to hide it and ourselves again” – that’s an interesting observation. I’m going to think some more on that. Thanks.

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