Summing Up 2020

So what if there’s still a dozen days to go, nothing about 2020 has been normal and having spent the last 9 months in Leicester, aka plague central, I’ve had ample thinking time and I’m not convinced that another week and a half will add much to the mix…

I went out driving this morning, as I often do, with a soft intention to notice a sign or a symbol to write about… This morning my thoughts were – how can 2020 be described… This morning’s rounds were short and an hour and a half of trucking along left me without a catch… Returning to the carpark, I decided that maybe today was not a day to write and as I dismissed the idea, I returned to my own car and saw what had been delivered to my windscreen…

Yes! There it was… My 2020! Shit but golden!

They say bird poop is lucky… Certainly I feel to have had more than my fair share of luck this year. I say luck, others think I just have an odd way of processing things… I’ve been in the shit several times this year and got out of shit thankful that things that could have been much worse didn’t happen and thankful that in cleaning up shit, there’s a process of clearing, cleansing, and evaluating that evolves better things…

So yeah… 2020, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard people say it’s been shit… But I think shit happens… It always has and it always will… I think 2020 has been a year of clearing away the bullshit and noticing beauty when it lands…

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