Waxtober 12

A curious thing happened with my waxing today… For some reason or another, I took photo after photo and none of them would catch the colour that I saw on the page… On the page was a green Knight, though the camera turned his helmet silver and made him a Knight in shining armour… Knight […]

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Tarot Nuts in May…

PREVIOUS|MASTER LIST|NEXT Ok…Ok… first off a little bit of an apology to my fellow hoppers… particularly to those who read the prompt I set and thought… OMG!!! WTF??? I ‘m sorry!! OK!!! I’m sorry!! Especially to any newbies who may have felt that they’d just landed into an initiation by fire… I’m sorry… I’m truly […]

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A Mabon Tarot Blog Hop Bouquet

Welcome aboard, you’ll have arrived from Chloe for Celtic Lenormand ….The  MasterList … or Louise Underhill’s Priestess Tarot … I’ll start off by pointing out a couple of things: I’m more than a bit partial to a random ramble… It’s my Birthday 😀 so indulge me! I promise I will eventually talk my way full circle… 😉 […]

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