Waxtober 12

A curious thing happened with my waxing today… For some reason or another, I took photo after photo and none of them would catch the colour that I saw on the page… On the page was a green Knight, though the camera turned his helmet silver and made him a Knight in shining armour… Knight in shining armour I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s a phrase that boils my piss but it’s certainly one that I’m not particularly fond of, especially when used in terms of saving damsels in distress… Firstly because I’m not a fan of being rescued, because like a cat stuck up a tree, if I got myself into that situation, then I can get myself out of it… Secondly I don’t like it because sometimes would be Knights wade in to help assuming you’re a feeble female and there’s a part of me that gets perverse when people under estimate me… Oh… You think I’m dumb? OK, I won’t shatter the illusion… Oh… You think I’m weak… OK… That’s right, my flimsy lady arms can’t do the job, yes you do it and oh… Do this and this and this too… Oh! You’re so strong! Do this, this and this too… And that leaves me with conflicting emotions as I’m quite delighted that I can make you jump through hoops but also appalled at myself for taking advantage for the sake of feeding my sense of humour! Though to be fair, I’m most appreciative of knightly acts that come from Knights who know full well that I can handle myself but give me the look that says I know you can deal with this but I’m stepping in here because it’s going to be fun! For example, when some chump road rages and shouts abuse about bloody women drivers, not realising that the long haired passenger is a dude rather than a dudette… A long haired guy turning his head and shouting WHAT?! in a way that makes chumps wheelskid and change direction rather than be sat next to you at the red lights, is something I will never grow tired of. That’s a slice of heaven on earth right there…

Anyway… Back to waxing… I took several more photos trying to capture that elusive green and finally I caught it…

Out of about 30 photos, the only one that catches the green is this one… The one, with The White Rabbit stood behind it and now my wax knight has disappeared down the rabbit hole that’s appeared in the image…

I have many fond memories of TWR! I read A in W so so so many times as a child… Reading was a more than welcome escape from the reality that I was living in. I learnt pretty quickly that if my nose was stuffed in a book, then I mostly got left alone… Hmmm… Curiouser and curiouser… It occurs to me now that maybe TWR is an undercover Knight… He’s kind of atypical in that he’s not bold and chivalrous but anxious and often quite ill mannered, though inadvertently he pulls Alice in to his world, he disappears quickly, though throughout the story, he turns up when she’s stuck or in a scrape and keeps her moving forwards…

Hmm… I’ll leave it there as I’ve lost my thread… I got distracted by snoring noises and observing that Fat Eric my ginger tom bears an uncanny resemblance to the Cheshire Cat, right down to the grin… And now I’m not quite sure which side of the rabbit hole I’m living in… Then there’s all those hedgehogs that I find in the garden, though no pink flamingoes… No red roses and nobody screaming OFF WITH HER HEAD, so I guess everything’s fine and no need for a knight… Though that hoover is really really heavy and my wibbly wobbly noodle arms can’t possibly push it! Bwhahaha! The kettle is super heavy too… And such a long way away from the tap… Though be a love and just check the teapot first for dormice… I know, I know… The next hole I go down is the one where I’m going to hell! See you there!

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