Out Of Hand

It feels like a long time since I last wrote on here, which is an  odd notion for me to be feeling given the sporadic and often erratic cycle of my scribblings. I guess it feels like a long time as I drew the image above intending to write about it, and popped it into […]

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Waxtober 26

I look at today’s waxing and see a dragon… I wonder if he’s slain or slumbering or maybe silently guarding hoards of treasure… I laugh at that thought as I remember being asked a question first thing this morning – Where’s the pot of gold? The other driver arrived by bike this morning and saw […]

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Yule tbh…

PREVIOUS|MASTER LIST|NEXT Yule… to be honest… Every year, I’m less and less enamoured… Over the years, I’ve eliminated bit by bit all the things that irk me…  which has got easier and easier as most of the family and in-laws self-culled into a couple of categories… the deceased and the estranged… But still my humour gets increasingly dark… […]

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