Waxtober 24

Today’s waxing has me thinking on what is love? As a word, I think it’s become overused in some contexts to the point of being meaningless… I mean, the chair that I’m sat in to write this is pretty good but if I say I love my chair do I really love it… I think […]

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Go Go Gigolo

I’ve been musing on the Full Moon in Virgo… Thoughts of head/heart tugs of war… They took me back to my first deck… I guess you never forget your first love! I gave it a shuffle… wax lyrical for me, sing me a song… And this is what I heard… Cassanova calls Carrying fragrant blooms […]

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Tarot say Death

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve sat down with a nervous client for their first Tarot reading and they’ve gone to me: Don’t give me the Death card… but it doesn’t mean death… or does it…? And I am generally of a pig ignorant disposition, so I always find that hilariously […]

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