Will This Myth Never Die?

Today a package arrives, inside is a tarot deck. I’m not naming it as on the whole I am super chuffed with it BUT G’ah! I opened up the LWB and I find one of those Tarot Myths that make my teeth itch… To paraphrase – You’re not ready to work with your new cards […]

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Waxtober 27

The good thing about working to your own rules is that you can change them as and when you feel. This morning I felt the urge to continue working the colours into a second image… I spend a lot of time thinking about the concept of winging it… It is pretty much my M. O. […]

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My Spirit Guide is Out to Lunch…

Ok… so it goes with the territory that as a Tarot reader, you’re going to get asked a lot of questions… from the sublime to the ridiculous… surreal, irreverent, intrusive, curious… the whole gamut from α to Ω… One that comes around on a fairly frequent basis is the inquiry into what my husband and […]

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