Waxtober 27

The good thing about working to your own rules is that you can change them as and when you feel. This morning I felt the urge to continue working the colours into a second image… I spend a lot of time thinking about the concept of winging it… It is pretty much my M. O. […]

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Why do you read Tarot?

Recently.. I undertook a University Challenge… Yup… The time for Summer Balls and Pure & Blessed is on the road and Sealey is reading Tarot at Jesus College Cambridge… Now just that in and of itself is enough to fill my little tarot heart fit to burst with little (OK MASSIVE!!!) Squees of GLEE!!! 🙂 […]

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Beyond Borderectomies…

People who walk through my door will often ask why I have so many decks… That amuses me as I’m sure as deck collectors go, my collection is probably on the more minimalist end of the spectrum… I refuse to count my decks as then I can truthfully answer Mr S with ‘I don’t know…’ […]

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